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What to Do if You’re Laid Off During COVID-19

These are uncertain times. We’re all hurting, in one way or another, from the coronavirus pandemic. If you’ve been laid off, I want you to know that you're going to be okay. We will move past this.

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5 strategies to landing an internship

How to Get an Internship

Finding a place to practice is a key step of growing in your career. If you’re wondering how to get an internship, take these five practical steps as you start climbing the ladder to your dream job.
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How to Write a Cover Letter That Gets Noticed

Wondering where to start? Push past writer's block with these practical tips on how to write a cover letter. Learn how to structure your letter, what to include, and how to stand out.

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What Are the Sunday Scaries?

Do you have a low-level panic attack every Sunday evening? Then you might be feeling the Sunday Scaries. Learn how to shift your mindset, overcome your fears, and find work that actually excites you.

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What to Wear to an Interview

When it comes to a job interview, your appearance matters. Follow these three important steps to guarantee you make the best first impression and ultimately land your dream job.

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What to Do if You Hate Your Job

You don’t have to spend the rest of your life miserable in a job you hate. There is a path to work that matters—to work that is fulfilling and created just for you.

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How to Find Your Passion

How do you make the kind of contribution to this world that you were created to make? By doing work you’re passionate about. Thankfully, figuring this out is not as hard as you think.

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12 Interview Tips to Impress Any Hiring Manager

Job interviews are downright intimidating. But, despite the nerves, you can still crush it and make the best impression with these 12 interview tips. 

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The 5 People You Should Meet When Starting a New Job

Starting a new job? Make sure you meet these five people your first week in the office.

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How to Negotiate a Salary

Not impressed by the salary you’ve been offered? Negotiate with confidence using these three simple steps.

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